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Workforce and Contractor Safety


Workplace Safety


Our workplace safety objective is to eliminate or reduce to the lowest level, any risk that may result in fatality, personal injury, illness, property or environmental damage.


Working safely as a condition to employment is reinforced by training sessions on basic occupational health and safety, and regular drills on emergency preparedness such as fire and earthquake.


Now in its 6th year, our coal mining operation has been duly recommended to United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) by the external conformity assessment body, the Governing Board of Certification International Philippines, Inc. and recertified as being in conformance to International Organization for Standardization OHSAS 18001:2007 on Occupational Health and Safety Management System. 



2014 Emergency Preparedness and Response Training and Drill Activities



Emergency Preparedness and Firefighting

Plant Site

Mine Site

Fire Drill on Equipment Vehicle

Plant Site

Landslide Drill

Mine Site

Bandaging and Splinting, Personnel Injury

Plant Site

Mine Site

Fire Evacuation, Firefighting

Plant Site

Mine Site

Fire Drill, Earthquake Drill, First Aid

Plant Site

Mine Site

Corporate Office

Building Evacuation, Fire Drill

Plant Site

Mine Site

Basic Electrical Safety Training

Mine Site

Water Rescue Training

Mine Site

High and Low Rescue Training

Mine Site






























Enhanced Mining Safety

The Company’s mining safety policy adopts global best practices in open-pit coal mining operation with safe production as its most important objective. It ranks loss of life or unacceptable threat to human safety as its most significant interruption impact factor. Safety risks are addressed with focus on prevention and zero tolerance for fatality.


Mining safety procedures are strictly enforced, including measures on slope stability and rebuilding, installation of dewatering pumps to control water intrusion or seepage and crack monitoring teams to continuously monitor ground displacements.


Road and safety driving rules are strictly observed by equipment operators to ensure non-vehicular collision due to poor visibility from dust, which is a common risk to coal mining activity.


All mobile equipment and vehicles are required to maintain safe driving distance of at least thirty (30) meters uphill and downhill, and to turn all headlights on at all times during the day.


Reinforced education and training of workers and equipment operators for the proper use, repairs and maintenance of mining equipment have reduced accidents and injury events in the workplace.


Job hazards, work instructions and guidelines are established and communicated to the workforce to ensure its implementation under controlled condition. Safety training programs are also conducted regularly.


Suppliers, contractors, customers and visitors staying on our Mine Site are required to comply with our health and safety procedures.



Pit Slope Stability



Mine Working Areas



Safety Programs


  • 33-Prism Robotic Total Station for 24/7 wall movement monitoring
  • Piezometers and sub-surface dewatering wells
  • Extensometer for crack monitoring
  • Bench Dimensions within safety standards



Truck & Shovel standard protocols


  • Maintain driving distance 30 meters uphill and downhill
  • Turn all headlights on during the day
  • Observe guidelines on job hazards and work instructions



  • Fire Prevention Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Response Program
  • Material Handling and Storage System
  • Safety Toolbox meetings per department daily
  • Safety training program



Power Plant Safety

Sem-Calaca Power Corporation embraces the same safety culture to create a safe workplace for its workforce.


Overseeing the implementation of its formal safety policies, programs and procedures is a Safety Division functional unit, with a full-time Safety Officer who conducts site safety patrols, among others. A Safety Committee also conducts monthly meetings to monitor and review the safety initiatives within the power facility.


Power Plant Safety & Health Programs

Flu vaccine administration

Safety orientation for new employees,customers, visitors and contractors

Workplace Safety Inspection program

Safety and Health Committee monthly meeting

Fire Safety Program

Creation of Internal Fire Brigade Team

Fire Brigade Training, February 13-14, 2014

Emergency Preparedness Program

Safety Training for Managers, April 29, 2014

Safety Toolbox Meeting per department monthly



Plant personnel regularly undergo safety training programs such as basic firefighting, emergency preparedness and exercise drills. Fire Safety /Lock-Out Tag-Out, Safety Audit and Behavioral-based safety trainings were also conducted in 2014. 


Meanwhile, a formal Contractor Safety Management program is strictly enforced at the Calaca Power Plant Compound, with more stringent safety requirements imposed on contractors.


Contractor supervisors are responsible for providing safety orientation on site safety and procedures to their own staff. Contractor violations of safety rules and erring practices are dealt with immediately and duly considered against contractor performance.


Supervisors of subcontractors are trained and briefed on plant site safety rules and are responsible for training their workers. Violations of safety rules are duly recorded.




Mine Site

Power Plant Site

No. of Non-Lost time Accidents, Non-Fatal



No. of Lost time Accidents, Non-Fatal



No. of Lost time Accidents, Fatal



Lost Work Days



Total Manhours Worked



Lost Time Injury Rate or Frequency Rate



Severity Rate





Mine Site


Power Plant

Corporate Office

Total Operating Workforce

No. of Safety Committee Personnel