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Board Diversity Policy

SMPC and subsidiaries embrace diversity, including differences in ethnic background, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and disability. It is committed to creating and leveraging diversity in the Board that will provide effective and sustainable leadership of the organization. It shall consider the mix of diversity in determining the optimum composition of our Board, in terms of skills, experience, independence, knowledge, gender and background. There is also no discrimination of gender, age and religion in the selection and appointment of our Board Directors.


Our Board Directors are a diverse mix of highly-qualified individuals, with stature and experience in the coal and energy industries, finance, government service, and business operations. Their backgrounds enable them to effectively participate in Board deliberations and fulfill their fiduciary duties.


Our Board’s Corporate Governance Committee assists in the nomination and selection of suitable candidates for Board appointment with due regard of the diverse competencies and expertise that are aligned with our group’s strategy of vertical integration of SMPC Group’s coal energy business and to achieve an inclusive and collaborative governance culture.


Measurable objectives shall include:

  • reasonable participation of women in Group Board; and
  • mix of competency and expertise to support the Board’s strategic objectives


Diversity Measurement Progress as of May 2, 2017 (ASM Date):