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Corporate Objectives

Our Company’s strategies are focused towards optimizing shareholder value and ensuring inclusive sustainable growth of its business. Our corporate objectives are:

Continuing Growth

Supported by establishing a quality management system in core production and sub-processes to achieve operational excellence and by increasing domestic and export shipments to strengthen market presence.

Value Creation

Supported by expansion activities in the Company’s forward integration of its coal to power generation operations and business development of allied products.

Value Protection and Sustainability

Supported by capital and asset management through cost optimization, talent development and an environment, health and safety management system, among others.

How We Measure Value Against Short-Medium-Long-Term Targets

Actual operating performance is reported and measured against Return on Capital employed, based on the following:

  • Board-approved Budget
  • Key financial indicators such as profitability, earnings growth, liquidity, return on equity, dividend yield
  • Social and sustainability indicators involving governance, environmental, health, safety, and community engagement

Expansion activities and business development programs are regularly reported during Management, Audit Committee and Board meetings.