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Progressive rehabilitation at Panian Mine


SMPC spent P2.92 billion in 2018 to accelerate the rehabilitation of the southern portion of its Panian pit in Semirara Island.


Of the total amount, P1.83 billion was used to acquire dump trucks, excavators, and other support equipment to ramp up the Company’s stripping and hauling operations. Over P1 billion was spent on fuel, labor, and other cash costs.


In December 2017, the Department of Energy (DOE) directed the Company to expedite the backfilling of Panian pit (south portion) to serve as a model for open pit mine rehabilitation in the Philippines.


A year later, the Company has unloaded 120 million bank cubic meters (BCM) of overburden materials into the southern portion of Panian pit, bringing the current elevation to 0 meters, a dramatic improvement from its starting elevation of -260 meters—roughly the height of a 78-story building.


Once the pit has been completely filled in; humic acid, compost, and other materials will be put in to restore soil nutrients in the area before proceeding with reforestation. The Company will then plant tree species that are endemic in the area.


Panian pit was shut down in September 2016 following the depletion of its mineable coal reserves, as certified by DOE. Since then, the Company has moved its operations to the Molave and Narra pits.