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Vision, Mission and Values


Coal Towards an Energy-Sufficient Philippines



To fulfil its commitment to provide affordable power to the Filipino people through the responsible use of coal as an energy source, Semirara Mining and Power Corporation will continue to:

  • Remain as the undisputed leader in the coal mining industry and vertically-integrated coal-based power producer in the Philippines
  • Play a vital role in the energy sector and work in harmony with the government to promote the use of coal as a reliable and economical power source
  • Supply its customers with quality coal that meets their stringent specifications
  • Provide reasonable economic returns to its investors and business partners
  • Empower its employees to prosper in a climate of integrity and excellence
  • Work in partnership with its host communities to improve their sustainability, while engaging in the judicious use and rational conservation of the country's natural resources



We conduct ourselves and manage our business according to the following:

  • Teamwork that enables us to work towards common goals;
  • Excellence that drives us to deliver outstanding results;
  • Loyalty that keeps us steadfast over challenges and time;
  • Integrity that upholds the cornerstone of our business ethics;
  • Commitment that fuels realization of our mission; and
  • Professionalism that embodies our work quality.