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Employment and Livelihood
Corporate Social Responsibility > Employment and Livelihood

According to a survey done by Barangay Semirara in 2012, the barangay population has increased to 11,937, up from 8,313 in 2007 per National Statistics Office’s data.

2,760 of the 2,793 employees of Semirara Mining and Power Corporation are based in Caluya, Antique Province, making the company the single biggest employer on Semirara Island.

As Filipinos are still on extended family arrangements, one can then say that double or triple of 2,793 depend on Semirara Mining and Power Corporation for salaries and wages, employment benefits, and livelihood and development programs.

Minesite employees of the company enjoy free housing and support for water and power utilities, free primary and secondary education for their dependents at the Divine Word School of Semirara Island, Inc. (DWSSII) and transportation to and from place of work.  Health and well-being programs no longer just target employees but their dependents as well. 

Minesite employment by origin, 2012


Livelihood and food security

In 1999 up to now, Semirara Mining and Power Corporation organizes and supports fishing and farming organizations to provide livelihood to island residents, especially those affected by mining operations.  

The company continues to support deep-sea fishing operations of associations it helped organize, Semirara Fishing Association (SEMFA) and Community Relations (ComRel) fishing groups.

Four (4) indigent families planted summer and main crops in four (4) hectares of demonstration farms in Bagong Barrio, Barangay Semirara that yielded a total of 377.37 cavans of rice and earned for the farmers PhP162,954.87 in 2012. 

Recognizing the food security issues of Semirara Island, the local governments of Caluya Municipality and Barangays Semirara and Alegria, the company’s workers’ cooperatives, namely, Semirara Multipurpose Cooperative (SEMCO) and Integrated Workers Multipurpose Cooperative (IWMPC) and Semirara Mining and Power Corporation itself, joined forces in 2010 to form SAKA SAKA Pioneer Livelihood Association to create and/or intensify community economic and agricultural activities on the island.  The association registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2012.

The company built a 60-stall commercial center in 2011 to give an opportunity to employees‘ dependents  to sell fish, meat, vegetables and dry goods to augment family income. 49 of the stalls are currently occupied rent-free, providing extra livelihood to families. 

Meanwhile, the company’s Community Relations group continue to campaign for backyard vegetable growing in the villages.  By the end of 2012, 90 households have started to grow vegetables in their backyards with the company providing the seeds and seedlings.

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